Friday, February 23, 2018

#Fanmade Solo: A Star Wars Story - Sabotage Trailer Re-Cut

The official trailer for Solo was a bit boring, surely some Beastie Boys can change this up?

Specially with "Sabotage". A song already heavily used in conjunction with rival series Star Trek in recent Abrams-produced iterations. And you know what? I would say it even works better here!

Check out this re-cut from War Starts at Midnight Podcast:

Incredibly well-timed! Love it!

#HorrorNEWS Ash vs Evil Dead | Ash Williams Trailer | STARZ

There's a new teaser trailer for the upconing new season of Ash vs Evil Dead! And it got me really pumped for the new season!!

Check this out!

#GamingNEWS Bardock & Broly join Dragon Ball FighterZ as DLC!

The first upcoming DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ  is.. pretty decent, and exactly as expected! Although I fear for what's coming next instead of fun, original and creative additions...

As they've been long-rumored, the first duo of DLC characters joining the fighting game are Bardock, Son Goku's dad, and Broly, the legendary OC super saiyajin! And I love the fact Bardock's getting a SSJ attack like his recent TV special from a couple of years back.

They say how Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 players will get a free  Android 21 while Dragon Ball FighterZ can unlock a new Supreme Kai lobby character & stamp by owning both games!

And the tiny newsbit on the bottom left cornermentions an upcoming DLC adding the original Dragon Ball theme songs in the game - Makafushigi, Cha-La, and Dan Dan from GT (!!). But I'm fairly sure this will remain a Japan-exclusive DLC, sadly...

I can't wait to have Bardock in the game! So I can play with my Goku-not-Goku team of Goku/Bardock/Black!

More female characters next time, please? It's such a sausage-fest right now.. (Gimme Videl! Or DB!Chi Chi! Or Caulifla! Or Goku's mom... etc.)

#MovieNEWS 『BLEACH』Live Action Film

And here it is finally, the first Bleach live action film teaser trailer!


It doesn't look half bad!

Plus it's adapting the very beginning of the manga, which was my favorite part of Bleach!

Ichigo looks as you'd expect. Plus we get a quick look at Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchiki. Check this out:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#MCU #short THOR RAGNAROK Short Film - Grandmaster Moves To Earth (2017) Jeff Goldblum Movie HD

A new roommate for Darryl!

Check out this fantastic great new Thor short from Taika Waitit, this one comes from the THOR RAGNAROK home release!

I love how the Grandmaster's basically Jeff Goldblum on a whole new Goldblum-level!

And if you missed the previous original shorts, allow me this great excuse to repost them below. One was a tie-in with Civil War, the other with Doctor Strange: