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ComicPageOfTheWeekend: The "S" stands for...

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Batman #37 © DC Comics

ComicPanelsOfTheWeek: Undressed Females

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The Archies © Archie Comics

#Blog A look back at a bunch of Sonic Anniversary releases

I’ve been meaning to do some more blogs like I used to.
Let’s have a random look back at a bunch of Sonic Anniversary releases!

Lately I’ve been getting back into Sonic for some odd reason. Blame Sonic Mania!

Since his creation back in 1991, Sega tends to celebrate Sonic’s birthday every 5 years or so (more or less).

Here’s a single shot featuring what I consider to be the big Anniversary games and their tie-in collector editions:

Let’s review them one by one.
Sonic’s 5th Anniversary wasn’t actually officially celebrated. (Hence my improvised fanmade logo!)

Although Sega seems to consider Sonic 3D Blast (MD/Saturn)/Sonic Blast (GG/MS) the actual 5th Anniversary title in recent history or galleries, “Sonic’s first jump into 3D to celebrate his 5th anniversary”, I personally like to consider Sonic Jam released the following year in 1997 the actual celebration game. Hey, it kinda works! It’s a compilation collection featuring various bonus and secrets as well as a proper Sonic 3D world as an interactive menu of sorts!
Sonic’s 10th Anniversary was the first proper big celebration!
One of the final best surprises of the Sega Dreamcast!

First announced via a really captivating demo offered along Phantasy Star Online! Japan saw the game receive a fantastic anniversary Collector’s Edition featuring a gold coin, a soundtrack and more!

The Gamecube release followed shortly after the end of the Dreamcast, even before Sega got around re-releasing Sonic Adventure 1!

I also put the game’s official soundtrack in the shot, just because.
Sonic’s 15th Anniversary was... a big letdown.

Sonic’s creator Yuki Naka left Sega. Sonic 2006 was supposed to be a big reinvation, reboot and throwback to Sonic Adventure 1, even featuring a remix of Sweet Dreams, the end credits of Sonic 2, but it was a big unplayable mess instead... I’m not even surprised they took the 15th Anniversary logo out of the game.

Which oddly means the only game to properly celebrate the anniversary with the logo ended up being Sonic Riders. A pretty silly but fun racing game, featuring a fun SAdventure-style plot for a racing game! And Yuji Naka’s last supervised Sonic game.
Thankfully, Sonic’s 20th Anniversary was even bigger than his 10th Anniversary!

We got what is easily considered the best modern Sonic game, his best “boost-style gameplay” game. A loving letter to Sonic’s 2D roots as well as bright look for his future. (Heh..)

Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic together! At last!

The game itself is a fantastic fanservice mix of both old and new. The game itself received a bunch of great soundtracks with either classic tracks or the remixes from the game. And the collector was just massive, kind of an oversized take on SA2′s one. A great statue, more soundtracks, a gold ring, an artbook... what’s more to ask?
Finally we have Sonic’s 25th Anniversary.

Sega didn’t want to rush more Sonic games for a while after Lost World, which oddly means the games supposed to celebrate the 25th’s anniversary actually came last year in 2017, while the anniversary was in fact in 2016...!?

Sonic Forces is.. Sonic Forces. Like it, hate it, it certainly wasn’t entirely what we all expected.
Meanwhile Sonic Mania was everything we hoped for, and then some. So no surprise, the game to actually receive a big anniversary Collector’s Edition was in fact Mania. An even bigger statue than Generations’, another gold ring (what’s with all these gold rings and coins? No other idea, Sega?)
Sadly the game was only available as a digital download. So I included in this shot the self-made custom art I made for a Pal Mega Drive, US and Japanese Sega Saturn mockup covers. So I can pretend the game actually exists in my collection.
And for the curious ones, here’s a quick shot of the Anniversary soundtrack release, featuring stickers and posters.

And that’s all for this blog! Enjoy, y’all!

Friday, January 12, 2018

#Blog Sonic 1-2-3 MD Jap

I never got myself a copy of the Japanese Sonic 3 on Sega Megadrive. So to finally complete this set I went ahead and got a custom repro of the Sonic 3 Complete instead.
Good stuff.

#FightingNEWS SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy!!

Suddenly, a random surprise new SNK fighting game is announced!

And it looks like a spiritual successor to SNK Gals Fighters!

It's going to be a fun SNK heroines crossover fighting game (KOF's already a crossover series anyhow!), featuring 2-on-2 fights. The possibility to have fun and customize the gals, DOA-style. And a way to help wait for the eventual next proper KOF, recycling assets from the last one it seems.

SNK has a lot of great and memorable characters throughout the years, so it's a great way to give some spotlight to these gals AND some light fanservice gaming.

A lot of SNK regulars have been confirmed already. Here are some pics so far:

While I haven't really been that big a fan of the modern "SNK Playmore" titles, this does looks like a fun novelty idea, using assets of their last 2.5D KOF game.

And here's some first trailer footage, which was originally part of a quick Nintendo Direct Mini, but has now be uploaded by itself:

Looks... fun! And, hey! I'm always up for more Yuri Sakazaki or Kula Diamond!

The game's coming to Nintendo Switch & PS4 in Summer 2018.  Can't wait!!

And there's even a whole Collectors Edition, the "Diamond Dream Edition" with a ton of bonus stuff like a hardcover artbook, soundtrack, Fatal Fury-inspired cap, etc:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#DCNews TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES - Official Teaser Trailer - Warner Bros. UK

Did you know there's a Teen Titans movie coming to the big screen soon? An animated Teen Titans movie. A Teen Titans GO! movie actually?


I'm apparently just finding this one out.

But I suppose after LEGO Batman: The Movie, anything goes...?

I'm just glad there's a Cartoon Network-produced animated film coming to the big screen. It kinda gives me hope again for the rumored Adventure Time movie.

Anyways, check this out:

And from the official synopsis:
 When the Teen Titans go to the big screen, they go big!  Watch the new “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” trailer. In cinemas August 3, 2018.

Teen Titans GO or not, I would have liked if they'd gave TTG a better animation style for the occasion. Nothing too different, just a bit more smooht and less flash-animated.

#Blog Finally got my missing Sega console

I finally got myself the Sega SG-1000!!

(SG as in “Sega Games. Yes, the name of the system is the Sega Sega Games-1000. And Sega means “Service games”, so that means it’s the “Service Games’ Service games Games-1000″).

I actually recently won an ebay auction for a complete set of a japanese SG-1000 mark II. I know “collector nerds” would say the original SG-1000 is the most valuable version of the console... but I actually enjoy my retro consoles for actually gaming, not just to put behind a glass and not use them :P

I actually wanted the mark II for the proper pads (you couldn’t unplug them on the mark I), and easier mods to plug it and use it nowadays.

(The original SG-1000 got a revision, called the SG-1000 mark II. Think PS4->PS4pro or PS2->PS2slim or PSX->PSOne.)

The SG-1000 was a 1st gen system, think Atari, Odyssey, etc. So of course it doesn’t look anything as good like a NES. Following the SG-1000 failure in the market, they would come up with a proper follow-up, the Sega Mark III aka the Master System.

(And the Sega Mark III/Master System was an actual follow-up to the SG-1000/mark II. Think Xbox 360->Xbox One or PS2->PS3)

ANYWAYS - I haven’t blogged about retro-gaming in a reaaaal long time, sorry for rambling a bit here.

Today I just received my new console! Or is it old console? AND I’m suuuuper happy about it!

Here’s some pics:
A little set, with the card reader, a bunch of games including the original Flicky, and 2 pads. Everything’s in relatively great state, considering its age!

And being this good takes AGES. SEGA.

Here is the SG-1000 in a shot featuring the other Sega systems (and others!). The Mega Drive/Genesis can be found top left, mounted with the Sega CD and 32x:
BUT I can’t try it just yet.. I’m waiting for a spare NES antenna cable (compatible with it) and a custom power supply (ordered online from here).

And I wouldn’t have it without YOU all and YOUR COMMISSIONS these last few months! So thank you everyone!